My dearest Karis,

They say you can tell a child’s personality at a very early age, and it’s so true! As I was sitting in the car ride home today from work, I thought about how you had such a sunny/happy personality ever since you were a baby. You love to laugh, smile, and giggle. Sometimes, we’ll hear you laughing at something you find funny, which we don’t quite understand. I think it’s just your nature to be so happy. You wake up with a smile on your face, and almost every day, I get a kiss in bed or a hug in the morning.

Ever since you were a baby, you loved being social. As a baby, before you could move, you would love watching your brothers. When they went out of your sight, you’d squawk or cry because you didn’t want to miss out on the action. Nowadays, you’re quick to find new friends out playing. Oftentimes, when we’re outside playing or at one of your brother’s games, you find a friend to play with to keep yourself entertained.

At this time last year, you were a graduate of kindergarten. Now, you’ve finished first grade. This year at school, you’ve grown so much in math, writing, and reading. Your speech has come along nicely. You’ve grown so much in your emotional maturity in class, especially when dealing with things that don’t go your way. You were really close to Annika and Evelyn in kindergarten, and I wasn’t quite sure how you’d deal with them being in different classrooms. You made friends quickly, though I will have to laugh and say that at the beginning of the year when I asked who you played with that day, you couldn’t remember there names. I’m happy to say, at the end of the year, you have a good group of friends that you play with and you know their names. ūüôā

I’ve come to realize that you really enjoy structure and boundaries. You are very concerned when rules are broken. For example, when we’re out together, you’re often yelling at your brothers to stay close by because you’re afraid they’ll get lost. You want them to follow the “rule” of being right by us. You also like following routines. There have been days when I’ve asked you to shower before eating dinner, and you’re reply is “I don’t shower until AFTER dinner, not before”. Your dad and I have had to learn how to navigate your strict sense of structure. I think it’s a good thing that you like predictability, and I’m glad that you can tell us what you like and expect.

One of the accomplishments that I’m most proud of this year is that you learned how to turn and stop on your skis. You’ve progressed so much, that you are able to go down the a green with all of us. I’ve been so impressed of how you’ve improved and overcome some of your hesitations of going fast. You do such a great job of following us, even though it was scary for you the first couple of times – you thought we were going to leave you. I look forward to many more seasons where we can hit the slopes together!

Some of your favorite things to do are playing dress up (clothes, makeup, nails, etc.), help bake/cook (mostly stirring, using the mixer or food processor), reading, and art. ¬†I would say your favorite thing to do is craft. You love creating things, and you can spend a long period time with scissors, tape, markers, and boxes. I’ve gotten into the habit of keeping shoe boxes for you. I’m hoping to create a “Maker Space” for you at home so that you can enjoy crafting.

I love you so much, and I’ve enjoyed watching you blossom into a beautiful, independent girl this year!

Happy birthday, my mei mei.





Dear Sean,

Happy birthday, Sean! ¬†A decade old. ¬†Time seems to be flying by with you. ¬†I’ll do a brief recap of what the year has been like, and end with something new. ¬†ūüôā

The theme that I see this year is trying to figure out your identity. ¬†Honestly, it caught me and your dad off guard to see you wrestling with who you are this early; we were expecting it sometime in the tween years. ¬†I’ve seen you work at figuring out how to continue to make friends in Colorado, who you want to be around, wanting more freedom, and establishing your own opinions. ¬† It hasn’t been the easiest year for us – figuring out how to set boundaries while giving you more freedom and responsibility – but we know this is one of many pivotal years as you try to figure your own identity.

Even though it’s been hard, you’ve still been a great kid. ¬†I love hearing your opinions on things and ideas that you have. ¬†For a a few weeks straight, you and Landon would sit in the back seat of our van making a menu for your “restaurant stand” (a lemonade stand but serving food). ¬†I enjoyed hearing how you would work with Landon and hearing your ideas of what was reasonable and cost-effective for food, given that you were planning to cook everything on a camping stove.

I know the day will come where you won’t share as much, but I’m glad that day hasn’t come yet. ¬†You still ask about our opinions, and you still want to snuggle us at various times. ¬†It reminds me that you’re not all grown up yet.

I thought I’d end with a “10 things I love about you list” as you enter your double digit years:

  1. Fun.  You are a fun kid.  Many kids are drawn to you and your personality because you are  lots of fun to be around.  You have lots of ideas and interests, and you are a happy kid.
  2. Love of food.¬† It’s been fun watching you take an interest in food. ¬†You’ve had the “Star Wars cookbook” tucked away in your room upstairs. ¬†You’d talk about different recipes you wanted to try, and how you imagine the food would taste. ¬†You’ve started cooking quite a few dishes – quesadillas, boxed mac and cheese, and scrambled eggs. ¬†I’m impressed with how well you can cook because I don’t remember cooking that much as this age.
  3. Social. ¬†Ever since you were a baby, you’ve been super social. ¬†You never really had separation anxiety, and you were often talking to multiple people at the stores. ¬†You are by far, the most social child we have. ¬†Even now, as soon as I drop you someplace with some kids, you find someone to talk to right away. ¬†I think a lot of kids gravitate towards you because you put them at ease. ¬†I’ve watched you make friends in countless places: ¬†soccer, playground, Jonas’ soccer games, ski school, etc.
  4. Creative. ¬†You are one creative kid. ¬†From making menus to art projects, you are able to think of something new and interesting to occupy your time. ¬†It’s neat to see how you translate the ideas in your head down to something tangible.
  5. Musical. ¬†This is the first year that we’ve seen you really love and enjoy music. ¬†ūüôā ¬†You’ve started playing cello more to songs that you’ve heard. ¬†You started identifying what kinds of music you like to listen to (Imagine Dragons).
  6. Reading. ¬†For a long time, you’ve like to read mostly graphic novels. ¬†This year, you started reading Harry Potter, and you’ve enjoyed it. ¬†You’re on Goblet of Fire, and it’s fun to hear you quiz me about the plot and characters. ¬†I like being able to connect with you on books we both like.
  7. Humorous. ¬†I love your sense of humor. ¬†You like laughing and you like making other people laugh. ¬†When you see something funny, you like sharing it with others and laughing with the. ¬†ūüôā
  8. Style.  You have come into your own for your sense of style.  You like having longer hair.  You like wearing shorts. You like your Vans, and your bright blue sneakers.
  9. Generous. ¬†You are generous with your things and your time. ¬†You’ve been sharing and trading things with your siblings. ¬†You’ll spend time with Jonas doing something he wants to do just so you can be with him.
  10. Respectful. ¬†You have shown respect to those around you. ¬†You’re often asking me if you can get permission to do something, even if it’s something innocuous. ¬†I’ve heard positive things from both teachers this year, and they said you’ve always been respectful.

I love you Sean, and I’m so thankful to be your mom.



My dearest Karis,

Happy birthday, my sweet girl. ¬†You’re six years old now! ¬†Within a week, you graduated kindergarten, had your last day of class, and turned six. ¬†It’s quite a lot of excitement if I do say so myself.

This year marked the first year where you spent most of your days and week at school. ¬†It was not only a big milestone for you, but for me as well. ¬†Having watched your brothers go to school for so many years, I think you were more than ready to go to kindergarten. ¬†The first month or so was an adjustment: ¬†learning for most of the day, listening, and not having a real break. ¬†You’d come home cranky, and half the time you’d take a nap. ¬†You had a hard time regulating your tiredness and having to be mentally on so long, that you’d break down emotionally. ¬†With the loving care of your teachers, they figured out what was best for you, and you grew and thrived at school.

You’ve really come a long way with regards to academics this year! ¬†At the beginning of this year, you didn’t know all of your shapes, letters, or sounds. ¬†At the end of this year, you know all your letters and sounds, over 50 site words, all shapes, and all colors. ¬†We’ve been really impressed with all that you’ve learned this year!

At school, you’ve made a lot of friends. ¬†You’re two best friends are Evelyn and Annika. ¬†You’ve talked about them almost every day, telling me that you want to have a play date with each friend. ¬†You’ve also enjoyed having your 6th grade buddies come to class. ¬†You’ve asked me over and over to have your buddy Jake come over to our house for a playdate. ¬†You’ve enjoyed friendship outside of these three, often saying goodbye to your friends after school. ¬†You make friends quickly and are often trying to find playmates at the park. ¬†I’m amazed how quickly you find friends and how long you end up playing with them. ¬†You’re not shy often going up to other children saying, “Hi, I’m Karis do you want to play with me?” ¬†And just like that, I see you running off with new friends laughing and giggling together.

You’ve been physically active this year, enjoying tumbling and skiing. ¬†One of the biggest accomplishments you’ve made is learning how to pizza on skis! ¬†I think it was a combination of timing for you and the temperament of Coach Drew that made it all possible. ¬†I was so ecstatic the first time I saw you pizza on the learning hill! ¬†By the end of the season, you were able to turn with your pizza. ¬†I love seeing that you have a great attitude out on the slopes and enjoy making friends. ¬†I’m looking forward to next season!

With your brothers, you function like the youngest in the family. ¬†You are very curious to know what Sean and Jonas are doing. ¬†Instead of doing what they’re doing, you’re often taking some of their things in order to get attention. ¬†It’s not all fights; on some occasions, I see you playing with Jonas nicely. ¬† There are times where all three of you are playing together; most of the time it’s wrestling. ¬†ūüôā

You are one affectionate little girl. ¬†In the morning on the weekend, you come into our room when you wake up and make your way into our bed. ¬†You like to snuggle and give kisses to us. ¬†You like to hold hands when we’re walking, and you love being picked up. ¬†I treasure these moments where we can snuggle you.

I’ve had a wonderful year with you and look forward to many more!



Jonas is doing well. ¬†He was a little shy talking with the doctor, but he did a good job answering questions. ¬†no shots! ¬†ūüôā ¬†Here are his stats:

Weight:  45.2 lbs (47%)
Height:  47 in (75%)


Much to Sean’s delight, he did not need to get a shot this time. ¬†He was quite grown up and answered all the doctor’s questions. ¬†Here are this sweet boy’s stats:

Height:  53.25 in (61%)
Weight:  54.6 lbs (17%)

My dearest Jonas,

Today marked the 15th anniversary of 9/11, however, since your birth, I will always be celebrating 9/11 because it’s your birthday. ¬†I foresee in the next couple of years, you will understand how somber 9/11 is for most people, but for now, I’m glad you’re oblivious.

Last year, on your birthday, I was absent and in Taiwan visiting my grandmother. ¬†This year, I’m glad to be here with you and celebrate your birthday. ¬†I asked what you wanted to do, and you said you wanted to go to the skate park, have cupcakes, and eat pizza. ¬†We took you to the skate park this afternoon with your scooter, and you were timid of the big kids. ¬†You didn’t want to go down the bigger ramp because you were afraid they would make fun of you. ¬† Little did you know, the big kids were actually very good kids and wouldn’t laugh at you. ¬†After a few kids cleared, you did go down the ramp, and you were pretty happy. ¬†It made me smile to see you so happy.

I think with each successive year, I’m glad that we decided to wait a year before putting you in school. ¬†It made such a difference when you started kindergarten – you were much more confident. ¬†Mrs. G commented how kind you were with other friends, especially the kids with IEPs. ¬†I could see that the heightened emotional sense helped you to be empathetic to others. ¬†Despite being more confident, you were happy to just play with your friend Brave. ¬†When I asked about recess, sometimes you’d tell me that you didn’t play with other kids. ¬†It made me sad at first, but then when I probed deeper, I realized you just didn’t want to play with other kids and were happy to be by yourself sometimes. ¬†I forget that sometimes you’re an introvert.

At our first parent teacher conference, Mrs. G told us how wonderful you were, which made me smile.  She told me how well you were doing with numbers, and I had figured the tutelage from Sean was the reason.  Mrs. G explained that you were actually good with math, and above your grade level.  By the middle of spring, you were going to first-grade math to be challenged.  You were timid at first, but it helped that Brave was with you.  As for your other academics, reading started to click somewhere between the fall and spring.

You have always been athletic, and you’ve enjoyed doing a lot of sports – flag football, swimming, soccer, and skiing. ¬†Soccer is still your first love, which isn’t surprising (your father’s influence is strong). ¬†Daddy says you are able to see the game well and that you do pretty well. ¬†In skiing, you have started to turn more, and you were able to go down the mountain with us a few times. ¬†You even managed to go down a blue! ¬†The speed didn’t scare you, and when you fell, you just got back up. ¬†I will say, you could learn a little modesty with sports since you always tell us, “I’m the best” at the something. ¬†ūüôā ¬† ¬†I do think you are starting to recognize kids that are more talented than you. ¬†ūüôā

I was commenting to daddy the other day that you are my neat kid who loves to follow rules. You like order. ¬†You are the only child who will clean up their room without us asking. ¬†I think you enjoy lining things up and getting things in order, just like me! ¬†You also like rules and following rules. ¬†You have commented to us when things aren’t fair (you like justice) or when your siblings aren’t following the rules. ¬†I think that I’ll feel relieved if this continues when you get to be a teenager. ¬†ūüôā

Sean is your constant companion. ¬†You do a lot together – play sports, play Pokemon, wrestle, video games, and so much more. ¬†I think you are best friends, and I’m glad you do so much together. ¬†You have started riding your scooters to school together, and I love that Sean watches out for you. ¬†Karis has her moments where you enjoy doing things together – make believe play or art, but it frustrates you when she gets into your things. ¬†I see that you are the glue between Sean and Karis, so I hope that you can continue to foster both relationships.

I don’t know when it happened exactly, but you’ve moved out of your Cars phase. ¬†Now, you mostly enjoy playing games (chess, King of Tokyo, Roll through the ages), Pokemon, riding your scooter, coloring, and playing sports. ¬†It’s been fun seeing you change your interests. ¬†Despite this, you can still occupy your time quite well during quiet time – I often hear thuds and lots of loud talking.

Despite growing up to be such a big boy, you are my snuggler. ¬†You still come up to me and say “Mama” and want me to hold you and squeeze you. ¬†It reminds me that you aren’t too big yet, and that there is still a place for me in your heart. ¬†I still bring comfort and security, and I’m glad for these moments. ¬†You will get upset if I don’t give you a big hug at night. ¬†I know these days are coming to a closer as you get older, so I try to treasure them as much as I can now.

All this to say, you are growing up to be such a wonderful boy. ¬†I’m so thankful to be your mom and watch you grow!


Dear Sean,

As a parent, there are times where you think “where has the time gone?” ¬†The last few months, I’ve been thinking about that more and more with you. ¬†I came to the realization that you have spent half of your time with us; nine more years and you’ll be ¬†an adult and ready to leave. ¬†It has been mind blowing to think about how you’re halfway to eighteen.

At the doctor’s office last Friday, I picked up a pamphlet about “Boys and Puberty” while we were waiting for the doctor to come in for your check-up. ¬†I started reading, and it said puberty starts from ages 10-13. ¬†In my mind, I thought we had a few more years, not just one before puberty started. ¬†I don’t think I’m ready for you to change from a boy to a man!

Day to day, I haven’t picked up on how you’re growing and maturing into a big kid, but having to reflect and write this post, it’s more evident to me. ¬†It’s the small things that are adding up. ¬†The PBS kids show you used to enjoy or tolerate, you now call “baby shows” (though we’ve admonished you from using the word “baby” since Karis still likes the shows). ¬†When we picked your new lunch box and backpack, you wanted a plain colored lunchbox instead of one with a character on it. ¬†You’ve also been asking to make more things by yourself (i.e. grilled cheese). ¬†You also started using a butter knife to cut things at dinner. ¬†You’re pretty skilled at using chopsticks too! ¬†ūüôā ¬†All this to say, it wasn’t one moment of transition into a big kid, but rather small things that have added up this year to remind me that you’re growing up.

Academics has always been your strong suit. ¬†Like all of your teachers before, Mrs. P noticed how you were gifted in academics. ¬†You tested high on one of the tests they use for giftedness, and Mrs. P was surprised that you were admitted last year when you started in the spring after our move. ¬†Your dad and I have debated back and forth whether or not to send you to a gifted program, and we’ve decided it’d be better for you stay at our local school. ¬†Mrs. P has challenged you academically by creating an ALP (advanced learning plan), and I believe it’s been advantageous. ¬†With the ALP, you have certainly been stretched outside of your comfort zone, and you’ve needed to learn to persevere. ¬†It’s been quite a challenge for you not to have things come as easily to you; your natural tendency when faced with challenges is to give up and find something easier. ¬†We’ve been thankful that Mrs. P has encouraged perseverance over outcome because that’s what’s more important to us than your giftedness. ¬†I think it’s been a hard lesson for you to learn that not all things will come easily to you nor will you be the best at everything. ¬†I think it’s been humbling for you, but I have seen you grow so much in how you handle that truth. ¬†You are seeing the fruits of your hard labor and finding that delayed gratification of mastery is just as wonderful as instant gratification. ¬†I hope we can continue to encourage your perseverance through a variety of situations, not just academics.

You continue to shine with math, reading, and writing. ¬†You learned how to write cursive this past year, which you’ve enjoyed. ¬†You do enjoy school, oftentimes getting your work done soon after you come home after school. ¬†You bring great works of art home from school, and it’s been fun seeing your creativity.

Socially, you are blossoming. ¬†I didn’t realize how much going to a new school impacted you until our first parent teacher conference with Mrs. P. ¬†She said at the beginning, you still were more reserved and cautious, but you began to open up more late in the fall and spring. ¬†I had taken for granted that things were going well given our PTC last year with Miss J, and how you talked about some of the friends you’d been making at school. ¬†I’m glad that you started to feel at home and have a good group of friends where you can feel like being yourself at school.

Outside of school, we’ve had you in art classes and sports. ¬†I think you’ve enjoyed being with a bunch of boys on your soccer team. ¬†While your strength might not be athletics, I’ve really enjoyed watching your practice and push yourself in soccer, baseball, and swimming. ¬†I will say that you seem to enjoy the individual sports – golf and skiing. ¬†You’ve loved skiing, and through your last lesson in the spring, you’ve really been more aggressive on the slopes and planning out your path. ¬†Your teacher said by the second lesson, you had improved a lot! ¬†I think that skiing might be your sport. ¬†ūüôā

You’ve always enjoyed laughing and joking around, and I think that’s a great personality trait. ¬†I think I struggle with letting you be free in your light-heartedness while trying to tone it down in certain situations where it might not be appropriate. ¬†I hope I will be able to foster your carefree attitude because it’s one of the things that makes you so likable and friendly. ¬†You always have a smile on your face and are eager to tell jokes and make others laugh. ¬†You’ve started to pick up on sarcasm, and you like to use it around adults.

Your favorite thing right now is Pokemon, which is great with the new Pokemon Go game (which we don’t have or let you play). ¬†You are happy to play Pokemon on the Raspberry Pi emulator that your dad installed. ¬†You check out Pokemon comics, collect cards, and talk about Pokemon. ¬†With the success of Pokemon Go, you’ve actually been able to carry on very intelligent conversations with some millennials we know since the game is a throwback to their childhood. ¬†It is a strange juxtaposition seeing you talk about Pokemon with adults twice your age. ¬†ūüôā

Jonas has been your constant companion. ¬†You two talk about Pokemon, ride your scooters, wrestle, and play chess. ¬†You often comment on how you wish you were an only child and didn’t have to share your things, however, I think that you’d be quite lonely without Jonas and Karis (more so Jonas). ¬†Your grandmother warned me how much wrestling your dad and Uncle E did as children, but I don’t think I was prepared for how much it happens! ¬†With Karis, you tend to have less patience with her. ¬†There are times, however, you can be sweet and help her in current situations. ¬†When the timing and mood is right, you do play with her. ¬†I’m curious to see as she gets older, if you will start taking the role of “protective” older brother.

With our relationship with you as parents, you are starting to push back a little bit more like a teenager. ¬†You groan, grunt, and sigh when you don’t get your way. ¬†You are a great kid, and you still listen despite disagreeing (or being angry) with our decisions. ¬†We do give you freedom to express your displeasure, and I hope that we are fostering a relationship where you feel open to tell us how you feel and start discussions rather than battles of wills. ¬†You aren’t quite a teenager yet (which I’m thankful!) because you still let us kiss you, hug you, and hold your hand. ¬†It doesn’t happen often, but you aren’t embarrassed by it yet.

You are growing up fast, my sweet boy; changing so much in such a short period of time. ¬†I’ll always love you and be grateful for you!




Dearest Karis,

Happy belated 5th birthday sweet girl! ¬†The year has flown by! ¬†You have officially exited the toddler years and now we are embarking into the “big kid” years. ¬†It’s been fun to watch your growth this year, and I’m excited to see what the Lord will do next year.

Speaking of the Lord, it’s been fun to hear you talk about church and God. ¬†During the school year, our family went to “two services” as you would say; one for Sunday school, and the other for worship. ¬†During worship service, you’d stay with us until we were done singing. ¬†You liked to be held during the singing. ¬†You noticed that others would raise their hands to worship the Lord, and you started doing the same. ¬†You like music, and you often moved around in my arms and sang. ¬†After Sunday school, you sometimes talked about Jesus and God. ¬†It’s been neat to see how you are learning about God.

You’ve traveled quite a bit this year, and I don’t it’s more than normal. ¬†We went to Rhode Island last year to see daddy’s extended family. ¬†You loved going to the beach, and you spent hours playing in the water and sand. ¬†All you needed was your bucket and shovel. ¬†We also went back to the Midwest in the fall to visit our old friends. ¬†You were hesitant at first to see some people, but I believe the people and atmosphere jogged your memory. ¬†In the winter, we spent time with my family, and you enjoyed seeing “Jio Jio” and his girlfriend. ¬†In the winter, we also had some time to go up into the mountains; our first time as “locals”. ¬†You went skiing, and I think you enjoyed the time with the teachers and other kids more than the skiing.

With regards to school, you began a new pre-school this year with four teachers in your class. ¬†You loved school, so going to school wasn’t a problem! ¬†It’s been neat to see how you’ve really grown academically! ¬†You’ve learned how to control your emotions better, and when you do have a meltdown, you’ve learned how to calm down more quickly. ¬†You learned your colors, shapes, numbers, and some letters. ¬†I was impressed when one day you told me you were going to write “mom” and you wrote “MMO”. ¬†It’s been neat to see you blossom at school.

It’s been evident how much you are learning and absorbing the past year. ¬†Your vocabulary has increased significantly. ¬†You use more complex sentence structures. ¬†The speak about topics in a lot more detail. ¬†Physically, you learned how to float briefly on your back. ¬†You learned more balance through your tumbling class, and you started to do pizza stops once in awhile with skiing. ¬†In your fine motor skills, you have improved your writing and cutting.

You have always been a people person, and it’s been fun to seeing how you’ve had different opportunities to interact with people. ¬†I have put you in school, swim lessons, ski lessons, soccer, art, Sunday school, and tumbling. ¬†In all of these activities, you liked to talk to me about your “friends”. ¬†With your growth, I think your brothers enjoy playing with you more. ¬†The amount of time that they willingly interact with you has continued to grow. ¬†Jonas has spent quite a bit of time playing pretend play. ¬†When you both are in good moods, you can play for at least an hour. ¬†Sean does play with you sometimes, though at times he gets frustrated with you. ¬†I think it’s because you desperately want to play with him, but are unable to do so at the level that Sean would tolerate. ¬†I’m hoping this year, there will be a turning point.

As you’ve interacted with me, I notice you are a snuggly girl who likes to be close. ¬†Often, you ask me or your daddy to “sit next to me”. ¬†You love hugs, sitting in people’s laps, being held, and wrestling. ¬†You want to be independent and helpful, and you often ask if you can help me in the kitchen. ¬†You like using the food processor, mixing, and adding measured ingredients into a bowl. ¬†I look forward to the years we have together to make delicious food in the kitchen!

Your favorite activities are playing in sand/dirt, sitting on the swing, cutting paper, doing any kind of art, reading books, pretend play (mostly with cooking and shopping), dancing, and swimming. ¬†You don’t love being outside, but you don’t hate it either. ¬†I think you like being where the people are, so if most people are inside, you’d rather be inside.

You are a beautiful girl, and I’m such a lucky mom to have a sweet girl like yourself in my life!



Karis had her 5 year check up today. ¬†Karis looks pretty lanky when you look at her, but she’s actually quite proportional. ¬†She did a great job talking with the doctor. ¬†At one point, she said, “I’m done talking. ¬†I don’t want to talk anymore”. ¬†She had one shot, and she didn’t cry. ¬†ūüôā ¬†The doctor says she looks great! ¬†She was surprised that Karis goes to bed at 6:30, but she definitely needs her sleep (especially since she’s getting up at 6!).

Here are her stats:
Weight:  44.4 lbs (78%)
Height:   44 in (86%)

Last week, we went to both boys conferences. ¬†Unfortunately, I had forgotten that Sean was supposed to be there for his conference, and I scheduled for a time after his bedtime. ¬†I apologized to Sean and told him that I’d tell Mrs. P about my blunder.

Despite Sean’s absence, we had a good time talking about Sean. ¬†Mrs. P said that she feels that Sean is more comfortable now in class because he has a good group of friends. ¬†She said at the beginning of the year, he was more cautious and still feeling his way out among the group. ¬†This took me by surprise given that Sean’s always been very outgoing and friendly; I had just assumed that he’d fit right in. ¬†Taking a step back, I can see how it must still be hard for Sean since he’s only been at the school for one year, and many of the kids have probably been together since kindergarten. ¬†Despite the initial shock, I’m glad to hear that Sean is feeling more comfortable.

This comfort has also led him to be a little bit more “chatty”. ¬†He gets focused on what he’s doing that he stops paying attention to his surroundings. ¬†Mrs. P said it was normal, and her own son does this as well. ¬†When Sean does finally pay attention, he feels bad. ¬†It is certainly something we see with Sean at home, and it will be great to continue to challenge him to be more aware of his surroundings.

Other than the talking, Mrs. P said that Sean is doing well. ¬†He’s well-liked by his classmates, and he’s kind, which is wonderful for us to hear. ¬†He is also enjoying his Advanced Learning Plan, and being challenged. ¬†Mrs. P said she’s so glad to have Sean in her class and how he’s a wonderful addition.